So You Want to Fight the Air?


Description: Air is the colloquial name given to the atmospheric gases surrounding the Earth’s surface. These gases are prevented from escaping into space by gravity, and absorb the ultraviolent solar radiation that would be harmful to life on Earth.

All in all, this means that Air is in a constant battle against the giant death ball that is the Sun, and the planet crushing force that is Gravity. And you want to fight this individual? Are you fucking Galactus!?

Ultimate Technique: Tornado Hurricanrana


  • Psychological Tactic #1: Breath-In and consume Air for your own nourishment
  • Psychological Tactic #2: Breath-Out and transform Air into a bastardized version of itself
  • Psychological Tactic #3: Fart

Best Weapon Against It: Corporate Negligence

Tips: If you’re willing to play the long game, start using Hair Spray and leaving your Car Engine on at nights

Warning: Actually defeating Air means the End of the Earth. Literally.


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