So You Want To Fight a Digimon?


Description: Digimon, or “Digital Monsters,” are manifestations of digital information in the form of animals and animal-like beings. They live in “Digiworld,” which is sorta like if the internet were made up of continents and islands instead of porn and cat videos. Normally, humans and Digimon work together, so this type of match might be a first.

Ultimate Technique: Digivolution


  • Digimon never really die, so you should feel no qualms about killing them
  • Every Digimon starts off as a small egg. Finding and destroying these eggs is highly recommended
  • Watch out for fireballs. Some Digimon shoot fireballs.

Tips: Digimon are surprisingly co-dependent. Instead of fighting one, it might be smarter to train it instead.

Warning: You’re screwed is one transforms into some sort of half-robot monstrosity.


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