The Justice League’s Favorite Video Games

5. Superman: Casual Games


Superman has almost every powers you can imagine, and probably some you can’t. For the man that can do anything, the best types of games are those with no winner. Casual games, like Tetris, Bejewled, etc, would be perfect for the Man of Steel.

4. Batman: Strategy Games


First of all, I doubt Batman would ever admit to playing a video game. You’d probably have to call it a “simulation” just to get him into it. That being said, Batman would probably prefer games that challenge him mentally. He is the world’s greatest detective after all. I’d say games like Virtual Chess, StarCraft, or Total War would be to his liking.

3. Wonder Woman: Fighting Games


The Princess of all Amazons is a warrior at heart, with ingrained discipline and often militant mindset. So of course she would be a Fighting Game freak. Fighting Games like Street Fighter or Tekken would allow her to fufill her need for training in the modern world where sparring partners are most likely in short supply. Plus, Fighting games are the only genre with a large collection of playable female characters.

4. Green Lantern: First Person Shooters


Green Lantern belongs to the Green Lantern Corps, a 7200 strong organization of space-police. Not only that, but space-police who’s super-power if literally fueled by willpower (a.k.a. overconfidence). So what game would be perfect for military dudes who verge on the being douches, why the FPS of course! Hall Jordan is so a Call of Duty bro.

5. The Flash: Puzzle Games


I was going to put racing games here, but that seemed a bit too on the nose. You see, The Flash has essentially the same problems as Superman. His powers are based on speed, so getting him to sit down is a problem. But I think any game that forces him to think fast would be his cup of tea. So just think of any puzzle game, and just set it to the highest difficulty imaginable.

6. Aquaman: Open World Games


Being the Kind of the Atlantis, Aquaman would probably like open world games. Think Fallout, Skyrim, and definitely GTA. What’s that? Too violent for a superhero you say? Well, considering that Aquaman is literally the laughing stock of the entire comic’s industry, I think he’d like a way to let out some steam.


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