X-Men That Should Start Dating

Magik and Cypher 

Darkchild__X_INFERNUS_01__by_martegodpopoDouglock commission small

Magik and Cypher are both members of the New Mutants, they’ve both died, and in at least one possible future, they’ve both become evil demon/robotic overlords. They obviously have a lot in common. Plus, they both have that opposites attract thing by being magical and scientific superheroes. I also think Cypher’s puppy dog romantic style would work well with Magik’s dark personality.

Rouge and Wolverine

Rogue-x-men-24957901-942-1250 wolverine-comic (1)

Yeah, I remember their relationships in the movies. But hear me out. In the comics, Rouge and Wolverine are more like friends. Their respective dark pasts give them a better understanding of each other than anyone else. It would also do Rouge some good to date someone a bit more principled. She’s dated Gambit, a thief and con-man. She’s dated Magneto, an actual supervillian. She could do worse than Wolverine.

Iceman and Colossus

Iceman 75653-87931-colossus_super

Iceman is stuck in a perpetual state of potential. Being the original “young X-Man,” Iceman has always had to prove himself. Colossus, on the other had, has always been portrayed as a listless character with no real sense of direction. Both young men are lacking something that the other could help fulfill. Plus, how hilarious would it be if both of Kitty Pryde’s ex-boyfriends started to date one another.

Shadowcat and Anyone Her Own Age 


Shadowcat, also known as Kitty Pryde, is that type of girl. You know that type I’m talking about. She’s the girl that’s dated older men since she was 13 years old. Colossus was about six years older when she started chases him. Peter Wisdom was over ten years older. Iceman, to Pryde’s credit, was probably only four years older. Still, Pryde would benefit from dating someone closer to her age, at least to stop the cradle robbing jokes.

Cyclops and The Scarlet Witch

cykebej2 The-Scarlet-Witch-women-of-the-x-30433349-533-800

Cyclops is the leader of the X-Men, the defacto son of Professor X, and kept the mutant population together during it’s darkest time. So of course he should start dating The Scarlet Witch, also known as Magneto’s daugther and the woman who committed magical genocide on the world’s mutants. The Scarlet Witch has actively distanced herself from the mutant cause, and has never joined a mutant team. Cyclops and The Scarlet Witch would work well together because they would make one another more well rounded. Cyclops could teach The Scarlet Witch what it means to be a mutant, and The Scarlet Witch could introduce Cyclops to a world beyond the X-Men. Given thier connection to Professor X and Magneto and Romeo and Juliet vibe, I’m honestly surprised they haven’t started dating already.


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