Top 5 Cities for Fallout 4

Miami, Florida


I would love to play a Fallout game in Miami because it’s so different from past settings. Florida has a wetter atmosphere, similar to Maryland, but I think that Florida’s distance from most major cities would leave it relatively intact. Plus, irradiated crocodiles, ruins of Disneyland, and hopefully Cuban filled populations sound like a nice change of pace.

New York, New York


Beings the largest and most well known metropolitan area in America, the New York/New Jersey area is rich in content and potential stories. Missions involving The Natural History Museum, Times Square, and  The Statue of Liberty come to mind. The only drawback is that the city would most likely have been one of the first ares bombed during the nuclear holocaust. I for one don’t relish another game of traversing the subways.

San Antonio, Texas

cityscapes postapocalyptic futuristic digital art science fiction artwork 2560x1600 wallpaper_www.wallpaperno.com_84

One phrase: Remember the Alamo. The story practically writes itself. A conflict could arise between an expanding New California Republic, or some other party, and an emerging Lone-Star state. As the protagonist, you would have to decide the fate of this new nation at the Alamo, because of course you would. There could even be DLC involving a trip down across the Border.

San Francisco, California


San Francisco is one of the biggest but often underused cities in California. It’s filled with landmarks, from Ghiradelli Square, Castro Street, and of course the Golden Gate Bridge. It’s hilly terrain would also set it apart from flatter cities like Los Vegas and Washington DC. There could also be trips across the bay to the ruins of the University of California, or the already dangerous streets of Oakland. A new gold rush anyone?

Charleston, South Carolina 


South Carolina has a long and complex history with the rest of America. They were the first state to secede from the Union, and the scars of slavery still exist today. In all honesty, one of my favorite parts of Fallout 3 was being rewarded for killing Paradise Fall, an entire city full of slavers. Getting to play the role of a Nate Turner or John Brown in post-apocalyptic Plantations sounds pretty fun to me.


4 thoughts on “Top 5 Cities for Fallout 4

  1. @1537 and lexor831:
    I understand what you’re saying about going to Europe, but the chronicles of the Fallout universe is focused on the effects on American life, as much as it would be cool to see the leaning tower of Pisa in shambles, the irradiated French Riviera, or Big Ben’s face on the ground, it’s just not Fallout. My own list of cities I’d like to see are:
    3. Ontario, Canada: Recently annexed Canada would provide an interesting setting for survival mode in the cold, while maintaining aspects of the wild and the city life of both New Vegas and the previous games.
    2. Boston, Massachusetts:
    As many have predicted, Boston Massachusetts would provide great historical potential for Easter Eggs, as well as many places to discover and explore.
    1. Atlanta, Georgia:
    Come on people, Atlanta has been getting so many people immigrating from the north because of technological advances, real estate, and so much more. Don’t you think Bethesda would account for that?

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