Top Five Ways to Fix Sonic the Hedgehog

5. Reboot the Lore


What does Mario do? He beats Bowser and saves Princess Peach. What does Samus do? She shots aliens and bigger aliens. What does Sonic do? Well, at first he fought Doctor Robotnik, or Eggman, and sometimes collected the Chaos Emeralds. Since then, however, he’s had to save princesses, fight his evil clone, become a werehog, etc. If fact, I’m still not sure if his world is populated by humans of not. SEGA should go back and reboot the franchise from the ground up. New 52 the hell out of it.

4. Stop Making 3-D Sonic Games


Seriously. Just stop it SEGA. You tried, but it’s just not working. Sonic was never meant to walk the three dimensional world. He’s not Mario, not matter how much you may want him to be. The attempt at making Sonic into a 3-D platformer have litered the series with a plethora of shovelware and hated secondary characters. Remember Charmy the Bee? I bet you wish you didn’t.

3. Stick to Running


In an effort to diversity the franchise, many Sonic games have had unnecessary gameplay additions. The Shadow the Hedgehog game had guns. Sonic Unleased had Sonic turning into a werewolf, no I’m sorry, werehog (even though that would mean he was turning into a human). If you’re really stuck on making 3-D Sonic games, then build up the fundamental gameplay, namely running fast and collecting rings. Parts of¬†Sonic: Lost Worlds was a nice start.

2. Only release 2-D mobile games


The greatest Sonic Games ever released, at least according to the internet, were Sonic 2 and Sonic 3. Sonic had his heyday with the sidescroller, even giving Mario a run for his money. So why not focus on that? Speaking broadly, the Nintendo 2ds is the most successful console right now, as was the Nintendo DS and the Gameboy before it. iSo devices are also always in gaming news. These handhelds and mobile devices have a larger and more diverse fan based that are ready to embrace a cute little hellraiser like Sonic.

1. Let Sonic Die


Hear me out. Retire the character. Stop making actual games with him. He’s basically a zombie now. And no, that was not an invitation to make Sonic: Zombiehog. SEGA should put Sonic to rest and instead place Sonic themed easter eggs and unlockables in each of game from now on. Having Bayonetta collect sonic rings was awesome. Go with that! Have “Echidna Brass Knuckles” be an item in the next Yakuza game. Add Sonic themed alternate costumes in Virtual Fighter. This would have people going “Oh cool! I remember Sonic!” instead of “Oh crap, another Sonic game?”




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