5 Legitimate Gripes With Mass Effect 3

*Mass Effect 3 is actually my favorite game in the series

5. Why Should You Care About Earth?

Mass Effect 3

From the player’s perspective, why should you care about Earth? Even if your Shepard was Earthborn, you as a player never spend any real time on Earth. The only Earth bound levels in the entire Mass Effect series are the first and last missions of Mass Effect 3. Earth doesn’t even act as a hub world, and where expected to care if it gets invaded or not? I think if would have been more interesting if Earth had been lost right away, with the epilogue showing that Humanity survived by mixing with aliens, and even machines,  and the result would have been shown in future Mass Effect games.

4. Only 3 New Companions

MassEffect3 Picking My Team (Javik, James, Edi, Tali, Bloke, Lira, Garrus)

Sadly, the last part of the Shepard/Reaper Saga was very lacking in new companions. There was James Vegas, a well voiced but generic muscle dude. The DLC character Javik was too grumpy. The only saving grace was EDI, a robot with a sense of humor. Where are the Krogan and Salarians in this supposed intergalactic alliance? More original Mass Effect 3 companions would have helped the game be a more stand alone entry, instead of just the ending of Mass Effect.

3. Played More Like Mass Effect 1: The Sequel


Due to the expendability of your companions in Mass Effect 2, many of those characters are downgraded to supporting roles in Mass Effect 3. Their survival does effect your game, but you don’t get to travel with any of them. So good luck if  you had a romance with Jack, or Miranda, or Thane, and wanted to follow-up.  And forget about any collectors showing up. In Mass Effect 3, Shepard is still with Alliance, still talking with Tali, Garrus, Liara, and even Ashley/Kaidan, and still dealing with political nonsense. In hindsight, Mass Effect 2 was treated like the thing Shepard did during the summer, with Mass Effect 1 being what really mattered.

2. Lackluster DLC


Every DLC for Mass Effect 3, with the exception of Citadel, was boring. They lacked the charisma of a Project: Overlord or Stolen Memory. Leviathan actually hurt the overall ambiance of the game by revealing too much about the Reaper’s history. Omega was o.k. for what it was, but for $15, I at least expected to get the female turian Nyreen as a companion. I’d go so far as to say to skip every Mass Effect 3 DLC expect for Citadel (which was a hoot!) and maybe From Ashes if you want an extra companion.

1. Ending Is Determined by Multi-player


In order to get a perfect ending in Mass Effect 3, you’ll need to have played multi-player a good amount of times. The “war resources” you get during those campaigns will boost your overall ending score on single-player. That’s all well and good, but having your audience play through three long games only to have their ending hinge on a totally optional feature is insulting. I feel that Multi-Player took attention away from single-player features like interesting DLC, more new companions, and overall feel. It all just speaks to EA’s/Bioware’s overall business mentality that almost gleefully blackmails players into giving them money.



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