Top 5 Best Friends In Marvel/DC

5. Professor X and Magneto


These two men’s friendship has spanned decades within comics and movies. They are both intellectual soul mates whose philosophies has but them on opposite sides. Both have acted as leaders that have shaped mutant kind into what it is today. Plus, who doesn’t think that Ian McClennan and Patrick Stewart playing chess is the coolest shit ever?

4. Mr. Fantastic and The Thing


One of the longest running examples of the nerd-jock friendship. While Mr. Fantastic can often lose himself inside his head, he can always count on his friend Ben Grimm to smack some sense into him. These two have arguably gone beyond friends and into family. There’s a reason why The Thing’s is known to Fantastic’s kids as “Uncle Ben.”

3.Batgirl and Black Canary


What makes a good friend isn’t just someone whose there for the good times, its someone who helps you out through the bad. In this case, both Batgirl and Black Canary helped one another through some of the most difficult times of their lives, including Batgirl’s paralysis.

2.Fire and Ice


While these two may not be the most well known characters in comics, there’s little doubt where their friendship should rank. Ever since their days in the Global Guardians, these two have been inseperable. Although they may be a little too Laverne and Shirley for some people, I’d argue that their escapades could easily carry a comic series.

1. Booster Gold and Blue Beetle


If your looking for believable best friends in comics, look no further than Booster Gold and Blue Beetle. These two knuckle heads have a friendship that easily trumps the harder to believe Superman-Batman duo, or even the Supergirl-Batgirl combination. The two played the class clowns in the JLI, built a casino on a living island once, and even beat up time traveling Nazis. Broskies have done it all.


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