5 Nintendo Games That Will Never Happen (But Totally Should)

5.Pokemon MMO


A Pokemon MMO may never happen. Then again, it may already be in the works. Hell,  a few fans have already taken it upon themselves to make one. It’s not that a Nintendo licensed MMO is far fetched, it’s just that the logistics would probably take longer than most people realize. Plus, Nintendo stands to make more money off periodic game releases than one giant game world.

4. Super Princess Peach (but for real)


Yeah, Super Princess Peach already happened, but lets be real here. A game where the female protagonist solves problems through violent mood swings is pretty damn insulting. I’d have much rather preferred a game where Princess Peach has to go through traditional Mario based platform levels. You could even have her save Mario or Toad in some foreign land to keep the whole always being kidnapped by Bowser thing intact (even though they totally play tennis and go kart together).

3. Starfox Wars


Picture this hyper realistic space shooter where you play as a fox with metal feet. Awesome right? It’d be like Mass Effect meets Winnie the Pooh. Only with more shooting! Sadly, the rail shooter is pretty much dead, so don’t expect this to happen anytime soon.

2. The Legend of Ganon


Since Link, Zelda, and Ganon are each stuck in an eternal cycle of rebirth, why not have a game from Ganon’s point of view? He wouldn’t need to be evil. You could play as a younger Ganon who meets Link and decides to go down a nobler path. He could even be all dark and conflicted to attract the Final Fantasy crowd. Done correctly, Ganon could become Nintendo’s version of Loki.

1. Metroid: Old Woman Samus


The gaming industry is deathly afraid of two things: women and old people. So the chances of a Metroid game starring an older version of Samus are nil at best. But think about it. You play as the legendary bounty hunter Samus Aran. You’re forced out of retirement by a dying Ripley, whose revives the Metroid program in order to have one final go at her eternal rival. Goddamit Metroid, why are you this cool only in my head!!


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