Top 5 Unexplored Countries in Dragon Age

5. Elvhenan


Translated as “place of our people,” Elvhenan is the ancient city of the elves in the Dragon Age universe. It is said that the city and it’s people ruled the world for thousands of years before humans arrived. The fall of Elvhenan left the elves destitute and no longer immortal, with only the memory of their former glory to keep them going. Thus, visiting the ancient ruins of Elvhenan would make for a fascinating experience, Elvin-Origin or not.

4. Par Vollen


The largest known home of the Qunari, this island nation made quite the name for itself in Dragon Age 2. Par Vollen is technically at war with the rest of Thedas, which would make any excursion there very interesting. You would get to see first hand how the Qun actually functions, and whether or not it’s as bad as it seems. Plus, it’s tropical setting and pyramids would be a nice change of pace from the admittedly muggy Ferelden and Kirkwall.

3. Antiva


Antiva has a reputation for a bit on the wild side. Think Kirkwall, but with better looking people or remember Zavran from Dragon Age: Origins. The country is rule by a Plutocracy, meaning a government run by the rich. It is also home to the infamous House of Crows, which is so feared, that it has made any form of standing army redundant.

2. Orlais


Orlais is the the largest and more powerful country in the Dragon Age universe. It is the capital of culture, fashion, and education. But it is also a deeply corrupted city, where the peasants are nothing but playthings to the noble class. It’s basically France before the revolution. And in a market littered with England and Netherland settings, a nice trip to France wouldn’t be unwelcomed. It’s size, infamy, and relatively vague description makes it an ideal location for future Dragon Age games.

1. Tevinter Imperium


If Orlais is France, then the Tevinter Imperium is Rome. The country is one of the oldest in Dragon Age, and was once the most powerful, responsible for the fall of Elvhenan and the rise of humanity. It is indirectly responsible for the raise of the Chantry, as Andraste originally rose against the Imprerium. It is also the source of the bigotry against Mages, as the country is ruled by mages whose ancestors were supposedly the first darkspawn. In addition, the country is in constant struggle with the Qunari and facilitate slave markets. So not only would it very interesting to play a Dragon Age game where the Mages are the unquestioned antagonists, but you could also potentially become Spartacus. Spartacus!


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