5 Weird Habits in Anime

5. All the Girls where Short Skirts


I always found it odd that no matter the setting, be it school or winter, and no matter the character, be it a shy girl or prude, the majority of female characters in anime all wear short skirts. It’s almost like the anime fashion industry decided to only produce tiny skirts for teenage girls. Maybe the anime world is just hotter than the real world.

4. No One Holds A Grudge


A common troupe in action anime is for a former enemy to become an ally down the line. Redemption is all well and good, but some of the crimes these guys commit make these turns a little far fetched. Take Vegeta from Dragon Ball Z. We all may love him, but we shouldn’t forget that this guy tried to enslave the world, beat up a five year old Gohan, slaughtered an entire village in Namek, and allowed Cell to reach his final form. And the Z Warriors are totally cool with it. What a Hero. First of the North Star was also particularly guilty of this.

3. That Rubbing the Head Thing


This is something I’ve never seen or attempted in real life. But in anime, one of the go to moves to show affection is rubbing someone’s head. Specifically, a man rubbing a woman’s head. First of all, if you ever tried this in public, the girl would lose her shit because you ruined her hair. I can maybe see the appeal of doing this in private, but it still seems like the most condescending thing ever.

2. Kissing is Basically Screwing 


Kissing is treated very seriously in anime, probably because the large majority of the market is targeted at teenagers. But kissing in anime is often portrayed as the ultimate goal for a couple. Even people who are dating could spend an entire series without ever locking lips. A character in an anime has a better chance at getting married than ever getting a damn peck on the cheek.

1. No One Knocks or Locks the Door


This is a classic anime gag. A male character enters an unlocked room without knocking, only to walk in a girl half naked in the middle of getting dressed. And the male character will always be punished for it. It doesn’t matter if it’s his house, or if he didn’t know someone was there, or if it’s his own damn room. So many misunderstandings could be solve with a simple door lock. Personally, I feel sorry for the anime lockmiths.


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