5 Good Games the Internet Hates

*In no particular order

Final Fantasy XII


Most people on the internet seem to consider Final Fantasy 12 to be one of the worst games in the series. It often replaces Final Fantasy X-2 as the cause for the franchise’s downward spiral. It’s effeminate main character turned off a lot of players, and it’s main story lacked that traditional Final Fantasy charm. The MMO-like combat may have also brought back the bitter aftertaste of FFXI for some players. However, it would probably enjoy a much, much better reputation if it wasn’t a main Final Fantasy title.

Call of Duty


Call of Duty is an interesting case. Given it’s sales numbers and multiplayer community, you’d think it would be more popular on forums. But its not. The issue isn’t that people hate Call of Duty itself, they hate the idea of Call of Duty. The series’s popularity has cause many gamer to blame it for the plethora of first-person shooter and tacked on multi-player on many games. Call of Duty is basically that popular kid that started wearing Hollister shirts, which caused everyone else to do the same. He didn’t cause the doucheness, he just inspired it.

Dragon Age 2


When Dragon Age: Origins hit the market, people lauded it for it’s traditional fantasy-rpg aspects and general player freedom. So when Dragon Age 2 was release, it’s human-only main character and streamlined story party really turned die hard fans off. This is understandable. Dragon Age: Origins is very much a PC friendly game, while its sequel was clearly made with the console in mind. Nothing irks PC gamers more than having a game franchise sell out to the console crowd. Whether it’s better or worse than the original usually depends on your own gaming preference. (Personally, I think it plays way better).

DMC: Devil May Cry


Look, this is a fine game. It plays well and is totally fun. The problems isn’t the game mechanics, it’s the main character. DMC: Devil May Cry is a western reboot of the fan favorite Devil May Cry series. In order to appeal to a new audience, the game developers reimagined the main character Dante as a brooding loner type. This was in stark contrast of the flashier cool guy Dante that gamers knew and loved. While I’d agree that the modern Dante is a bore, I’d disagree with anyone who said that the entire game is worthless.

Mass Effect 3

Mass Effect 3

Whoa, even I didn’t see this one coming. I had warm fuzzy feelings after seeing my Shepard’s final mission and a cool cameo by Buzz Aldrin. But imagine my surprise after spending a glorious Sunday night finishing Mass Effect 3 only to get blasted with internet hatred the next morning. The online crowd hated the ending of Mass Effect 3 so much, that Bioware added a free DLC expansion to tweak it. That’s insane. People were really pissed that they didn’t get a slide confirming that their virtual character had 2.5 blue children, or that a universe with giant robot bugs could be saved be saved by color coated choices. This totally ignores the fact that his is a great game, and arguably the best in the entire series. *

*Mass Effect 3 was my favorite game in the franchise


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