Top 5 Weirdest DC Comics Superheroes

5. The Challengers of the Unknown

Batman - The Brave And The Bold - 203 - Revenge of the Reach! (HDRIP) (DEMENTA)[C-W]

This group of adventurers were created in 1957 during DC’s Silver Age. The idea was to have five survivors of a plane crash risk their lives as they were already living on “borrowed time.” The team itself wasn’t weird. It was made up a pilot, daredevil, bruiser, and scientist. What made these guys weird was their stories, which were penned by legendary writer Jack Kirby and often involved crazy sci-fi and occult incidents. It’s no wonder that these characters would serve as inspiration for Kirby’s later title, The Fantastic Four.

2. Metal Men

Metal Men

The Metal Men were an early 1960’s team made up of six sentient robots made up of different elements. Their personalities mirrored their elements. Gold was bright but shallow. Lead was strong but thick. Mercury was quick but kinda unstable, etc. They were created by Dr. William Magnus, who often acted as the straight-man for his robot’s antics. Since they are robots, one of the Metal Men’s running troupes is their destruction, which happens quite a lot. The team has popped up from time to time, as their simply too ingenious an idea to ignore.

3. Creature Commandos  


The Creature Commandos were based on a one-shot depicting a team of World War 2 commandos that just happen to be a Vampire, Werewolf, gorgon, well, you get the idea. Like the Metal Men, the idea is pretty ingenious, and the whole things sound like a great B-movie. The creature commandos recently got new life in Frankenstein: Agent of Shade, where they fight alongside Frankenstein’s monster, who has an a flaming angel sword. It’s pretty rad.

2. The Doom Patrol


On paper, The Doom Patrol seems like a total rip-off of the X-Men. After all, the team is made up of super-powered misfits lead by an old professor in a wheelchair. Except that the Doom Patrol was actually published about half a year before the X-Men. It’s more a rip-off of the Fantastic Four if anything else, which itself is a rip-off of the Challengers of the Unknown, which itself is a rip-off of drive-in movies. Anyway, if you want to read something truly surreal, pick up Grant Morrison’s run on The Doom Patrol. It will mess your shit up.

1. Metamorpho


Metamorpho was created in the 1960’s during the comic bool weird-character craze. He was specifically made to be abnormal. Visually, he looks like no other character in comics. His powers allow him to change shape, and transform into any element on Earth. He can turn into a golden nail, a cloud of hydrogen, a walking radium man. Metamorpho has stuck around the DC Universe because he views his powers as a curse, making him easy to write, and he has fantastic abilities, making fit right in with other DC mainstays. Did I forget to mention that he got his powers from a radioactive meteorite shaped by the Egyptians as a priceless artifact that was also somehow magic, or was that too obvious?


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