My Pokemon Red Team



The first time I ever played Pokemon, I chose a Charmander. I had Pokemon Red, and I thought that’s what you had to do. When I couldn’t make it past the first gym, I restarted and choose Squirtle. No real reason, I just didn’t want Bulbasaur. Squirtle thus became my go to starter whenever I played Pokemon Red, and my whole team has been based around him. Plus, he has cannons on his back, which is super cool.



When I caught a Nidoran, I had no idea what he was. I think the first anime only had like one episode on him. He was unique, so I kept him. Then he evolved into Nidorino, who not only looked cool, but was also in the little animation at the start of the game. I found out I could evolve him using a Moonstone, and he looked rad as fuck. His ability to learn Icebeam and Earthquake made him the MVP on my Elite Four run, beating Bruno and Agatha almost by himself.



I’ll be honest. When I played Pokemon Red for the first time I was really young, so there was no way I was not going to catch a Pikachu. Luckily for the little digital mouse, he proved invaluable during the second gym battle. I evolved him to Raichu because I wanted a stronger pokemon that didn’t faint every five minutes. Seriously, Pikachu is kinda a glass cannon when you think about it. Raichu learned thunderbolt, beat Lorelei on the Elite Four is no time flat, and inspired me to always keep a dedicated electric type in future pokemon teams.



Butterfree was mainly a necessary evil. She (I always felt my Butterfree was a girl) could evolve fast and learn confusion. I really helped me out during the early part of the game. Since she was so high leveled, I kept her through most of the game and she became my pseudo-psychic type. Admittedly, she wasn’t much help as the game went on, but I had already developed a four pokemon game strategy (where I only level up four pokemon), and I had already become attached, it stuck around.



I actually found Articuno by accident while I getting lost in the Ice Cave in Pokemon Red. Since it was a legedary pokemon and could learn fly, it because my main source of transportation. It also made Lance of the Elite Four extremely easy, as I could easily spam Icebeam until I gained a victory. Cheap yes, but effective.



Mewtwo was another happy accident, since I didn’t know it was in the game. Nnow you may not believe, but I swear that I once caught this thing with a great ball. Scouts honor. Anyway, being level 70, it filled out the last slot of my pokemon team. I’ve always found griding in Pokemon Red to be tedious, especially with no exp bar, so I’ve never been motivated to use any other pokemon.


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