My Pokemon Silver Team (V.1)



Despite the messed up spelling, I actually really liked my Feraligatr. I chose yet another water-type for my started because I grew really accustomed to Blastoise in Pokemon Red. Overall, the two Pokemon didn’t play all that different from one another. Except that Feraligatr could learn Slash, which was useful, and evolved way later.



Unlike Pokemon Red, I actually waited a long time to get a second pokemon. Mareep was the earliest electric type you could get, and one of my personal favorite in the series. He’s just so cute. His evolution to Ampharos made him one of my strongest pokemon. I’m not ganna lie, I have a special place in my heart for his electric sheep.



Like Butterfree, Machamp started as a means to an end. I needed a fighting pokemon to get past the surprisingly tough Normal-type gym. You can actually get Machop through an in-game trade, so he gained exp. faster than my other pokemon. Like Ampharos, he became on of my heavy hitters, and gave me a new appreciation for fighting type pokemon.



I actually don’t remember why I caught a Vulpix. I may have been for the Bug Tournament outside of Goldenrod City. Or maybe because it could be caught at Lv.14. Whatever the reason, it stuck around. For some reasons,  If ound the combination of water, fighting, electric, and fire really work for me in Pokemon Silver. Don’t ask me why. Evolution stones were very rare this time around, so I had to beat the Elite Four and bribe Bill to get Ninetails.



I had Pokemon Silver and watched the second Pokemon movie, so of course I was going to catch a Lugia. It’s Aeroblast was pretty useful, even if I mistaked it for a Hyper Beam early on. Weirdly, it sorta became my HM slave, learning Fly, Waterfall, and Whirlpool. However, it still remains my favorite Legendary pokemon of all time.



As usual, I didn’t get a sixth pokemon until I had already beaten the elite four. It was a metal bug with claws for hands, how was child me not going to get it? It was fun training Scizor though my trip to Kanto, and it’s eventual learning of Metal Claw made it a valuable team player. Did I also mention that it looks awesome.


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