My Pokemon Silver Team (V.2)

*Due to losing my connector cable, I was unable to trade and thus decided to restart Pokemon Silver with a Johto-only pokemon team. This have been my main team since then.



This time around, I decided to experiment with another pokemon starter. I didn’t like the grass option, so I went with a Cyndaquil. This proved fortuitous, since Cyndaquils evolve at level 14. Typhlosion has an interesting look, but my favorite part was his ability to learn Flame Wheel. It makes for a pretty cool visual.



Since  I didn’t want to make Lugia my HM slave again, I decided to get a pokemon to fly me around. Noctowl was my earliest option, and it’s Hypnosis ability helped a lot during the Ghost gym. But that aside, Noctowl was never the strongest member of my team.



I didn’t do anything different with Amphamos this time around. I still wanted an electric type, and Amphamos was the only one I wanted.



Since I no longer had a water starter, I had to catch one. This is were my team really varies depending on my mood. Quagsire is technically more useful, since it’s half-ground type and immune to electric attacks. But it looks way too dopey for my taste. Sometime I like to get a  Lanturn, even if its electric attributes are redundant given Amphamos. The more and more I’ve played the game, the more I’ve gravitated towards Quagsire, just because it can be caught so early.



With Noctowl’s ability to learn Fly, Lugia was free from HM duty. It normally just learns Waterfall, plus I tend to also make it learn Psychic just to round it out.



Without the ability to get Scizor, I always like to try new pokemon out for the 6th spot. I’ve replayed Pokemon Silver a lot of time, and each time I change up the last pokemon. But I like to use Togetic, since it’s a one of a kind pokemon. I try to vary what it learns, with moves like Shadow Ball, or Psychic, or even Fly. It may not be the strongest or toughest member of my team, but it is the cutest.


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