My Pokemon Ruby Team



Since I already had a water started in Red and a fire starter in Silver, I decided to go with a grass starter in Ruby. Truthfully, grass pokemon are one of my least favorite types. They’re not particularly powerful, ice-moves makes them a gamble when facing water pokemon, and they don’t really look cool. But Sceptile’s ability to learn False Swipes made his really good at catching pokemon.



Pelipper has weirdly become one of my favorite pokemon. It’s a nice change of pace from the usually boring normal/flying types that are available early in the game. He was also my HM slave, being the resident flyer and surfer. A strong water and flying type, Pelipper was a must have.



Once again I continued my tradition of having a dedicated electric type. This time around, the earliest Electric pokemon I could find was a Manectric. It’s static ability helped my out more than once, and it’s bite move made it may go to against psychics.



A part of me really wanted a tank-like character like Nidoking or Machamp. So I was pleasantly surprised when I discovered I could find a steel type so early in the game. Granted, the feeling faded when I learned that rock pokemon were not immune to electric types. Still, Aggron’s naturally high defense and steel moves made it a heavy hitter, especially later in the game.



I mainly bought Pokemon Ruby because I thought Groudon looked cool. I was not disappointed when I caught him. His slash and earthquake attacks were killer. He just felt powerful to use, even when he lost.



For some reason, my Pokemon Ruby team seems to be tank heavy. Although I like to experiment with my 6th spot, I usually gravitate to using a Walrein. It has a high defense, high HP, and it’s ice abilities makes it pretty useful. Plus, it never hurts to have more than one water type.


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