Women’s History Month: 5 Great Things About Lois Lane

*In No Particular Order

She’s Been a Reporter Since 1938


In the later 1930’s, there weren’t many professional women in the workforce. There weren’t many women in the workforce period. Then comes Lois Lane, an ambitious newspaper woman who will literally risk her life  to get her story.  And she’s more or less kept that core characteristic for 75 years (and counting) . Siegel and Shuster could have created any generic damsel and distress to pair with Superman, but instead, they created a person just as committed to truth and justice, and maybe even better at it.

She Had Her Own Comic for 16 Years


You may not know this, but between 1958-1974, Lois Lane starred in her own solo series called Superman’s Girlfriend, Lois Lane. It may not be the most gender affirming title, but at one point, it was one of DC’s best selling comics. It mostly revolved around Lois failing to get Superman to marry her, which has been the plot point of many a rom-com and sitcom. Many women today often point to the X-Men as their entry into comics, but I’d wager many veteran comic geek-ettes would point to Lois Lane as their first funny book.

She’s Kinda Bad-Ass


This isn’t really the first thing you think for when you mention Lois Lane, but it really should be. You know why Superman wound-up saving her all time? Because woman kept risking life and limb to get the news. Walter Kronkiet ear your heart out.  In modern tellings, Lane was raised as an army brat who knows several languages. She also knows various forms of martial arts and is familiar with most fire arms. She even calls a man who can destroy planets Smallville. That’s pretty ballsy.

She Landed Superman


This many not be the most P.C. thing to discuss, but let’s be real here. This lady is straight up dating the comic world’s  hottest man. Think about that for a minute. Take away Superman’s crazy powers and reputation. That would still mean the Lois Lane is partnered with DC’s  kindest, bravest, intelligent, and handsomest man. Put some glasses on him, and suddenly have the boy next door with a good looking suit. Hell, I’d brag about that.

She’s One of the Best Known Comics Characters 


Everyone knows who Lois Lane is. She’s arguably more well known than the majority of Superheroes. A part of me suspects she’ll get a solo movie before Wonder Woman does. Granted, Lois Lane’s character can be summed up in two phrases: “A reporter” and “Superman Girlfriend.” But the fact that people know what she does for a living is amazing. Can you even name what other superhero superheroes do for a living? Let alone superhero love interests? Lois Lane may not have superpowers, but she’s arguably been comic’s main “heroine” for years.


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