Five Fascinating Fan Theories

Frankie in Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends is Also Imaginary 


I’ve only watched a hand full of Forster’s, but I can’t help but love this theory. It’s been speculated that because Frankie and Madam Foster both wear similar clothing, one of them is imaginary. Since one of them would have to have enough capital to own a house, Frankie would be the odd one out. Madam Foster dreams up a younger, more energetic version of herself that could help out around the house, thus Frankie came into existence.

Mario and Friends Are Actually Actors


This is a pretty meta theory. The original theory says that Super Mario Bros. 3 is a play. This makes sense given some of the level designs. But I would go further and argue that the every game in Mario Bros. is staged by Mario and his friends, who are celebrities within the kingdom. This explains why Mario and Bowser would go-kart together, or why Princess Peach would play doubles tennish with Donkey Kong. So the games are about character who themselves are playing a game/partying/racing. The Paper Mario games are books, and Smash Bros. are toys.

Bill orchestrated most of O-ren’s life


This one’s too good not the be true. Bill helped kills O-ren’s parents, takes her in secretly, trains her to be an assassin, and earns her eternal gratitude by helping kill Boss Tanaka. Together, they destabilize the Japanese Underworld until O-ren can seize power. With O-ren as a figure head, Bill now controls one of the major powers in the world.

Agent Smith is the One


This theory may not make sense if you paid attention to the Matrix movies, but this is more fun.The theory states that there’s a reason behind Agent Smith’s abnormal independence and control within the Matrix. The second Matrix film revealed that the “One” is part of a repeating cycle that has occurred six times. That means that there were six previous “Ones.” The idea is that Agent Smith was the first “One,” who was converted into an Agent and has been driven insane after spending so much time in the Matrix.

James Bond/007 is a Codename


The basic theory argues that the title “007” and name “James Bond” are both fictitious covers for the various secret agents we see in the films. This would help explain why the actors keep changing, and why certain characters within the series age instead of being replaced along with Bond (ex: M). Since the spy game is a dangerous one, especially for 007, it makes sense to have multiple candidates at the ready.


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