Women’s History Month: Disney Princesses That Would Make Amazing Pro Wrestlers



Type: Heel

Backstory: Originally a face, she sold her “soul” for revenge, and is now known throughout the industry for her treachery and dirty tactics. One of the best talker in the business, she tends to phone it in while in the ring, make viewers wonder whether her soul is truly in it.

Finisher: Hades River. She plays possum and pulls you into a Small Package Pin.



Type: Heel

Backstory: This wrestler became obsessed with a possible love interest, to the extent that viewers didn’t know if it was kayfabe or not. Her actions actually cost her the use of her voice for a time, as well as the careers of her illustrious family.

Finisher: Under the Sea. Running Slide into a Boston Crab.



Type: Tweener

Backstory: Introduced to the industry as a valet, “Tink” has gone on the a surprisingly successful career, even becoming the defacto face of the company for years. She is not a true face or heel,  she generally looks out for herself and close friends but not for anyone else.

Finisher: Pixe Dust. She throws dust in your eyes and sucker punches you.



Type: Face

Backstory: A bubbly and energetic newcomer, she has found a nice niche as a solid mid-card wrestler. Though she has great charisma and solid mic skills, creative has failed to elevate her to greatness. She’s also never been quite the same after losing her trademark locks in a Hair vs. Hair match.

Finisher: Tangled Life. She chokes you with her hair somehow.



Type: Face

Backstory: Originally a heel, she was introduced as a meek but dangerous wrestler afraid of her own power. She won the crowd over after a passionate promo and crazy Frozen River match, turning face. Still early in her career, she’s already being talked about for the Hall of Fame.

Finisher: The Let It Go. Which is ironically a submission move.


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