My Pokemon Pearl Team



When trying to decided what starter to get, I read that a lot of people were getting tired of fire/fighting starters. Since I never tried one, I decided to go with Chimchar. I was immediately happy with my decision. Chimpar’s monkey evolutions were amazing looking (he’s the monkey king!), and his fighting attacks and high speed came in handy more than once. Definitely one of my all-time favorite starters.



I’m not a big fan of normal/flying types. So why catch one this type around? Because it has “raptor” in it’s name! That’s all kinds of bad-ass. Plus, I needed someone help me through the grass and fighting gyms.



For the fourth game in a row (fifth if you count Fire Red), I wanted a dedicated electric-type on my team. While not the strongest in terms of power, Luxray is a shoe-in for coolest looking electric pokemon. He’s basically an electric wolf. His bite/crunch attacks also made him invaluable when fighting against psychic types.



There’s actually a bit of a backstory behind this one. Pokemon Pearl was the first game in the series where I used the internet to do pre-research. I spent an embarrassing amount of time trying to decide who would learn what HM when trying to figure out my team. I originally wanted someone who could learn Cut and Defog and help with the Elite Four, but those pokemon aren’t exactly plentiful. So I got stuck with a Buneary, a boring normal type that could learn Cut and Icebeam. Weirdly enough, after it evolved, it became my go-to pinch hitter. I guess my dislike of normal types made me forget how versatile they are (they can learn almost any move!).



This choice wasn’t that hard. I always include the game’s legendary mascot on my team. What is notable, however, is that because Palkia is half-water type, this was the fist game where I didn’t have a water pokemon as part of my main team for the majority of the game. That was weird for me. Fire and ground pokemon were particularly tough battles.



Like Lopunny, this pokemon was a victim of internet research. I had originally wanted a Hippowdon as my fourth pokemon, than as my sixth when I decided to stick with Lopunny. But then I discovered that it couldn’t learn Rockclimb, plus,  I learned that one of the Elite Four was totally weak against grass types. By process of elimination, Abomasnow because my sixth pokemon.


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