Superman’s Girlfriends- Looking Back At A Super Love Life

*Excluding Lois Lane (Superman’s Soul Mate), and Supergirl/Powergirl (which is gross)

Lana Lang


Lana Lang is a character introduced in the 1950’s to be the love interest of young Superman in the comic title Superboy. She has since become Superman’s first love, and the Betty to Lois Lane’s Veronica. While this love triangle doesn’t really do much for me, I really like the idea of Superman having a childhood sweetheart that fell in love with Clark Kent first. Lana is one of the few people that Clark can be himself with, and works better as Clark Kent’s friend from Smallville than Superboy’s ex-girlfriend.

Lori the Mermaid


Superman dated a Mermaid. Scratch that, Superman straight-up almost married a mermaid. In the wonderful world of comics, Lori was Clark Kent’s college girlfriend (hey, we all experiment during college). Lori disguised herself as a paraplegic until Clark proposed to her. Since she was a mermaid and couldn’t stay on land for very long, she didn’t think and sea and land creature could work out and left him. Despite being from Atlantis, Lori obviously never heard of Aquaman’s parents. Though stuck in the Silver Age, I think a New 52 romance between Lori the Mermaid and Superman would thrive in our Tumblr filled world.

Lyla Lerrol


Another great silver age love interest, Lyla Lerrol was introduced in the famous 1960’s story “Superman’s Return to Krypton!” where Superman travels back in time to Krypton before it’s destruction. In a story already filled with the emotional reunion of Superman and his parents, Superman co-creator Jerry Siegel added a love interest described as “the love of his life.”  While Lyla does add a bit more tragedy to the story, character wise she’s kinda boring. She’s just a generic blonde who instantly fell in love with Superman because why not.

Cat Grant


Cat Grant is a gossip columnist at the Daily Planet. She’s a character that actually likes the mild manner Clark Kent, and in the New 52, starts a news blog with him. She’s interesting in that she would make a very different and fun girlfriend for Clark Kent. It plays into the whole farm boy fallin’ for a city girl troupe. But I don’t think she would work well with Superman. Cat’s vain and a bit vapid, and her pre-52 counterpart did not have an easy life. Here’s hoping her new 52 version gets a fairer deal.



Ah Maxima, we hardly knew ya. While Maxima may never live down her tenure in the “bad” justice league teams of the mid-late 90’s, she was first introduced as a potential love interest for the Man of Steel. She was the Queen of a matriarchal warrior society who wanted Superman as her mate to produce powerful children. We’ve all been there, right fellas? Needless to say, Superman and Maxima didn’t sire the next generation of superbabies, but their interactions did make Maxima a nobler warrior and superhero.

Wonder Woman


While Maxima didn’t work out, someone in DC was obviously enamored with the idea of Superman dating a warrior woman. To be fair, DC has danced around the idea of a Superman-Wonder Woman romance for years. Since they are the most powerful and iconic superheroes of their respective genders, the whole idea is more than a little obvious. That being said, something in this pairing just doesn’t click yet. Maybe it’s because Superman and Wonder Woman are too similar to be truly interesting. Lana Lang loves Clark Kent, but not necessarily Superman. Cat Grant is a party girl that likes the dorky reporter. Maxima is a ruthless warrior from space. While Wonder Woman and Superman’s relationship was a good way to stir up the internet, don’t expect it to last.


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