My Pokemon White Team



As a starter, Serperior was my only clear option. I hated the design of the other two, especially since Serperior basically looks like a legendary pokemon. It’s so dam majestic. While not a huge fan of grass types, I found various uses for Serperior, especially during the Ground Gym. I also didn’t have an electric pokemon this time around, so Serperior was my go to against water types.



After going without a water type in Pokemon Pearl, I was so happy to get a new water-gun shooting pokemon. Ironically, Seismitoad never actually learns water gun, but whatever. Being half-ground type, it made short work of most electric types. It’s final form also made it a quality Pokemon (two words: Drain Punch). Like I’ve said before, it never hurts to have a water pokemon on your team.



You know, I’ve had a love-hate relationship with fire types for a while. It all stems from my Pokemon Red playthroughs, where fire types were basically garbage. But then steel types were introduced, and fire types were diversified. In Pokemon White, Fire types are a MUST have. They come in super handy in the Bug gym, Ice gym, and in most Elite Four matches. Darmanitan is one of the early fire types you can get, and his ability to learn Hammer Fist is incredibly useful. Plus, I don’t know, something about him seems super positive…



Reuniclus was a Pokemon I specifically got for my Elite Four run. It didn’t prove too useful because it was a bit underpowerd by the time I got to the Elite Four. Nevertheless, I do think it’s design looks cool. I don’t care what anyone says, Pokemon Black and White had some fun looking Pokemon (even the snow-cone and garbage ones!). I normally don’t use Psychic types, but I do like Psychic-moves. So I think I’ll keep it.



Spoiler time. I added Bisharp to my final team as a test run. I had actually been using another dark type throughout my original run, but was unhappy with the results. So I thought, hey, maybe a Steel/Dark type will come in handy. And it did!…once it evolved Night Slash…and evolved…at level 52. Yeah, this pokemon is useful, and cool looking, but it needs some care. Still, it’s earned a permanent spot on my team.



Like Pokemon Pearl, Pokemon White’s legendary Pokemon force me to build a new team without one of my go-to Pokemon types. With no Electric mainstay for the majority of the game, I was force to use new types of pokemon, and I daresay my Pokemon White team is more well rounded than my previous teams. Since you can’t catch Zekrom till the very end of the main story, I didn’t get attached to it until my Post-Story playthrough.


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