5 Superheroes in Ravenclaw

Reed Richards


Reed Richards is widely considered the smartest man in the Marvel Universe. If fact, I’d hazard to say the he’s in the running for the smartest man in comics, rivaling even Lex Luthor. Part of Richard’s character is that he has a tendency to get lost in his mind, neglecting his family and friends. Intelligent and possessing the unusual power of stretching, Mr. Fantastic is the ideal Ravenclaw.

The Atom


Whether its Ryan Choi or Ray Palmer, DC’s Atom has always been a scientist first and superhero second. The Atom often played the role of chief egg-head in the original Justice League, outsmarting his opponents with his vast knowledge of physics. Using his power to shrink even past subatomic scales, Palmer’s contribution to the scientific field far out ways his heroics.

Mr. Terrific


Labelled the “3rd” smartest man on Earth, Mr. Terrific has fought alongside gods thanks to his intellect and clever gadgets. His “T-Spheres” do everything from shock bad guys to giving his the ability to fly. A Ravenclaw through and Through.

Bruce Banner


One of the things most people forget about Ravenclaws is that a lot of them are a bit off. A quirky personality allows Ravenclaw’s already intelligent members to think outside the box. So how better to join the house of weird geniuses than Bruce Banner, a man’s whose broken psyche produced a giant green hulking monster?

Dr. Light


The leading expert in light radiation, Dr. Light has proven time and time again that DC and Marvel really need more female scientist superheroes (seriously, the only other person I could think of was Susan Storm, and she’s more of a Gryffindor). A longtime member of the Justice League and former leader of Justice League International, Dr. Light has used her unique to bend energy and save the day on numerous occasions.


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