5 Superheroes in Gryffindor






Marvel’s Thor is a perfect example of the positives and negatives of belonging to Gryffindor. Thor is brave, daring, and well verse in warrior etiquette. He is a proven hero who has saved the Earth on numerous occasions. But he is also reckless, glory-seeking, and generally acts first and thinks later. In fact, the Thor in the Marvel universe was specifically sent to Earth because of his arrogance.

The Green Lanterns


The Green Lanterns are basically space cops who posses a will-powered ring that can make anything. So many Green Lanterns are often the most courageous beings in their respective sectors of space. However, being incredibly willful doesn’t necessarily make you a good person. Hal Jordan has often been accuses of recklessness. John Stewart once caused an entire planet to explode because of his arrogance. And Guy Gardner…well, Guy Gardner.

Kitty Pryde


While not a Kitty Pryde fan myself, one cannot deny her place in Gryffindor. Early on, Chris Claremont and John Byrne made an conscious effort to show off Pryde’s daring by putting her in increasingly dangerous positions. This included being stuck with a man-eating alien, Floating her way down a skycraper, and fighting actual ninja brainwashing. Years later, she was also forced to ghost a planet killing bullet through the cosmos for infinity (or a few years). Like Wolverine has often said, kids got guts.



There are a lot of brave women in the DC Universe, but all in all, I’d have to give the coveted Gryffindor spot to Barbara Gordon’s Batgirl for one main reason. Unlike her bat-related predecessors, she chose to to became Batgirl. Bruce Wayne had a tragedy make him Batman. Robin had Batman. But Batgirl didn’t really go that route. Her parents were still alive when she donned her home made cowl. Batgirl entered the crime fighting life because she wanted to make a difference like Batman. Even after losing the use of her legs, she still because remained an active crime fighter as Oracle. A definite Gryffindor thing to do.



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