My Pokemon LeafGreen Team



Unlike my more recent Pokemon playthroughs, I decided to make LeafGreen all about fun. So I chose Pokemon that I thought were cool and interesting as opposed to strategic value. I thought it appropriate to chose Charizard as my started, since it was technically the first Pokemon I ever chose.



What’s interesting about Primeape is that your ability to capture one so soon was one of the few changes Nintendo made from the original game. In Red/Blue, you could catch a Nidorino early on, but not a Mankey. I suspect this change was made to help players with the Brock gym battle. Nevertheless, I applaud the change because Primeape is one of my favorite fighting types. He just looks so boss.



I needed a water pokemon and Gyarados is clearly the coolest water Pokemon around. Don’t front, you know its true. Since I’m a but older, I now had the patience to properly grind a Magikarp to evolve. With Gyarados on my side, my confidence levels were boosted up to maximum.



Again, another pokemon I choose because it looks cool. I’ve always loved Sandslah’s design, with its cool spikes that kinda look like hair. It’s ground type and slash attack were useful, even if it proved a little ineffective during the Elite Four.



With no traditional Raichu on my trip to Kanto, I needed an electric pokemon. Luckily, LeafGreen has one of the most powerful electric Pokemon in the series. While I maintain that Articuno is more useful, Zapdos look much cooler.



I find that the more I play Pokemon, he more I realize that I like Ghost Pokemon. I like Haunter in particular, probably because of that one Pokemon episode. Since this playthrough was for fun, I decided to forgo my usual rule against training pokemon that can’t evolve without trading.


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