My Pokemon HeartGold Team



I’ve actually played Gen-2 with every starter, but the least with Meganium. So I decided to finally create a team around it. Again, I don’t really like grass Pokemon, and Meganium may actually be the worst grass starter of them all. The first two gyms were torture to get through with it (since I only had a Johto-native team). However, once it learned Poison Powder and Magic Leaf, it became infinitely better.



Since HearGold fall under the updated branch of the Pokemon series, along with LeafGreen and FireRed, I chose Pokemon that I always liked, but didn’t choose to include in my previous main teams. I’ve always had a soft spot for Furret, mainly because I could never figure out what Sentret was (I mistoke the circle on his belly for a mouth). Since it’s a normal, I chose to teach it as many different type moves as I could. It learned Surf for cripe’s sake!



When I played HearGold a second time, I decided to tweak my team slightly. One of my first acts was to replace Lanturn and Xatu. They were just too bothersome to catch consistently. When looking for replacement, I stumbled upon Ariados, a cool looking spider that could learn Dark, Psychic, and Ghost moves! Not only that, but because I originally owed Pokemon Silver, it was a pokemon I had never used! And strangely enough, once I got to the Elite Four, it was the highest level pokemon on my team.



Now this one was fun. I’ve always wanted to use Sudowoodo, but never got the chance. It’s a one shot pokemon that’s simply a weird rock type. But that’s what makes it great! I got to use a Rock type that knows low kick and faint attack! It was surprisingly useful. Sudowoodo might not be a high tier pokemon in terms of competitive play, but for my team? It’s perfect.




I got Poloswine because I knew that the Dragon Gym and Lance were going to give me trouble. Unfortunately, Poloswine wasn’t powerful enough to help in the Dragon Gym, but it was the MVP player against Lance’s three Dragonites. So it all worked out in the end and continued to validate my love of Ice types.



As I’ve explained before, Lugia has always been my favorite out of these two legendary birds. However, in this game, Ho-oh knows Extrasensory on capture. So it, not Xatu, became my primary psychic user. This came in handy more than a few times during the Elite Four, making the run possible.


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