My Pokemon X Team



I love Greninja’s design. It’s a frecking Ninja with a scarf! Of course it was going to be my next Pokemon (plus, it was the next in my game rotation of starter types). However, down the line, it actually became less helpful overall. Part of this was it’s Dark subtype, which has been nerfed this generation because of Fairy Type. But that’s on my execution more than anything else.



Diggersby was work the initial about 20 levels of growth. Once it got half-ground, it became my MVP player of my team. Immune to electricity, Earthquake, and the ability to learn Sludge Bomb’s TM, it was the corner stone of my team. I even fell in love with it’s design after my initial dislike of it. Diggersby is basically an overconfident fat-man fighter, which I love!



Talonflame didn’t become really helpful until it evolved into its final form. Truthfully, I was wary about adding a Fire/Flying pokemon on my team, but I needed someone to Fly me around. Then, it learns Flame Charge and Brave Bird, and I welcomed it with open arms. Plus, the fact that its not a Normal/Flying type gets it props.



Florges, or more specifically it’s first form, is the earliest Fairy pokemon you can get. Well, technically, its the first one that is a totally new pokemon. I really like this new Fairy Type, because it really added a much needed defense against Dragons. Plus, with the ability to learn grass type moves, Florges was mulitifacited in a very good way.



As usual, my last entry in my team was my biggest question. I ended up with Heliolisk once I learned that one of Elite Four was a Water Type. It can also learn Surf, which was very surprising and helpful. It’s other move, Parabolic Charge was super cool because it absorbs HP. And it extended it’s neck skin whenever it attacks, like that time in Jarassic Park.



The last pokemon on my team was of course Xerneas. It was the legendary mascot of my game, and it was a Fairy Type. It really like its design, and I feel its more original than Yveltal. Weirdly enough, I got where every one on my team was around the same level, so I felt like more of an equal in my team than just a superpowered tank.


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