My Pokemon Alpha Sapphire Team



So for all the remake Pokemon games, I try to form teams of Pokemon I always thought were cool. Out of all the starter, I’ve always thought Swampert was the coolest. Admittedly, I have a bias for water starters ever since Blastoise. But Swampert’s water/ground combo was really handy. It actually made the game a bit easier than my first run with Pokemon Ruby.



I love Mightyena. Its my favorite early Pokemon, probably because its not a normal type, like so many other Pokemon. In this game, it actually became the first Dark pokemon I ever used consistently throughout the story mode. It was a solid member of my team, mid-card, but still. Its Intimidate skill also got me out of a few scraps.



Honestly, this was one that I just said, screw it, lets catch and raise it. Like dark pokemon, I’m not usually a fan of psychic, but hey, I was curious. Because Gardevoir is half Fairy type, she played similar to my own Fairy type in Pokemon X. That’s not to say that she wasn’t useful. Again, her ability to learn magic leaf made her my go to against Grass, Fighting, and Dark types. In a way, she was my most diverse pokemon.




So I decided to shake up my team to get at least 4 regular rotating members early on. Breloom was a natural choice. It’s Effect Spore ability is awesome, and it’s Fighting/Grass type was super helpful. It allowed me to deal with Water Pokemon and Steel Pokemon, which were a major oversight of my previous team. I was super happy with my decision.



Since I decided to edit my team to make it more balance, I found myself without a regular HM02 friendly pokemon. I flip flopped between Altaria or Flygon. I ultimately decided for Altaria because I needed a counter for Grass Pokemon. Little did I know, because I didn’t bother to look it up, that Altaria can learn Fairy moves, and has a Dragon/Fairy Mega Evolution. Where did that come from!? Any replay I have of this game is going to need this pokemon.



Now this shouldn’t be a surprise. Any team I make is going to have the legendary mascot on it. Again, Kyogre was another repeat Pokemon type. My whole team had some repeats going on. But I managed to teach it some ice moves, so it helped against dragons. I still prefer Groudon, but hey, he’s not in this game.


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