My Feelings on “Normal Pokemon”

First Reaction: BORING!!


Why I Hate Them: Normal Pokemon are the blandest type in the entire game. They are literally not strong against anything! They suck so hard, that ghosts won’t even give them the satisfaction of a proper battle. Most Normal types are close analogs to actual animals, from rats to sparrows, to whatever Chansey is. They are usually the first pokemon type you encounter, the definitely the first pokemon to get dropped. Name me one Legendary Normal Pokemon…oh wait, THERE ARE NONE.

Why I Love Them: Normal Pokemon may be the strongest type in the entire game. Think about it. They might not be strong against anything, but Normal attack hit almost every type equally. The only ones resistant to Normal attacks are naturally defensive types, like Rock and Steel. Normal pokemon may not be effective against Ghosts, but that goes both ways. Ghost moves can’t touch Normals. But some normals can learn moves like Bite. In fact, most Normals can learn a variety of move types, and can often fill in any type gaps you may be lacking. Their are also those Normal types that are natural tanks, such as Snorlax and Chansey. Normal Pokemon prove that you should never misinterpret Common as Unexceptional.

Normal Pokemon I’ve used So far: Noctowl, Togetic, Staraptor, Lopunny, Furret, Diggersby

tumblr_n1gtcqQG5o1s5x0txo1_1280 _Morning__morning__Togetic_by_endless_whispers Staraptor_of_Doom_by_pokemon_masterChibichibi_Lopunny_by_Shineymagic  tumblr_muz08aO3r61suvno8o1_400 fav_normal_type_by_diggersby_tho-d6ygsdf


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