My Feelings on “Fighting Pokemon”

First Reaction: Overused!


Why I Hate Them: Everyone and their mother has a Fighting pokemon. They’re getting their own spin off for Arcius’s sake! Remember when every Fire starter where half-Fighting for THREE GENERATIONS. What was that about!?And since all you need for a Fighting move is a pokemon with limbs, you couldn’t get away. Want a Rock pokemon on your team? Too bad. Want a Normal? Too bad. Want a Dark type? Too bad. What a Steel type? TOO F@#$KING BAD. Fighting pokemon are strong against too many pokemon types. I feel they became the game designer’s default type weakness to new pokemon types. “What is Pokemon type weak against?”…”I don’t know, Fighting or something.” Most fighting types can even learn Rock moves easily, so Flying types won’t help you against them.

Why I Love Them: They’re like Karate people you control! Almost every fighting style is represented. What a boxer? What about a Sumo wrestler? Or are you feeling in the mood for a luchador? I can’t wait for the capoiera pokemon. Fighting types are clearly one of the funnest to come up with. And they are so versatile. I wasn’t always a Fighting pokemon guy, but I usually have a pokemon with at least one Fighting move. Brick Break and Drain Punch are personal favorites.

Fighting Pokemon I’ve Used So Far: Machamp, Infernape, Primape, Breloom

day_2___mighty_machamp_by_furenshi-d4fszn1 infernape_by_ziggyfin-d55mp17primeape__by_gashi_gashi-d4q3sonbreloom_by_hikari912-d5cjwm9


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