My Feelings on “Psychic Pokemon”

First Reaction: Their weak to Bug Type? No way!


Why I Hate Them: What is even the point of this type? I mean really. I’ve never liked Psychic pokemon. They are just the weirdest type. Some are half human. Others are like, anteaters or something. I think you got an actual fetus as one of them. Psychics were the O.G. type in Gen I because bad planning made them have no weakness. Now, however, they are weak against Dark, Ghost, and surprisingly, Bug Type. That’s right, the weakest type in the entire game is strong against Psychics. Ha! Let me say that again, Ha!.

Why I Love Them: When you play Pokemon for a while, you notice that certain types of Pokemon get more attention than others from the developers. Psychics are one of those types (along with Fighting and Dragons). A lot of the Psychic types are weird looking, but that kinda what you want from that type. You want something a bit off putting, something otherwordly. Their is a reason why a lot of legendaries are also Psychics. The first super-legandary was Mewtwo, a Psychic type! Their weaknesses are also pretty cool when you thing about them, because darkness, ghosts, and bugs are all common fears that most people have.

Psychic Pokemon I’ve Used So Far: Mewtwo, Lugia, Gardevoir, Reuniclus

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