My Feelings on “Ghost Pokemon”

First Reaction: I wish I knew how to use you


Why I Hate Them: God Ghost types, you are hard to utilize. The problem is that you can’t get Ghost types until late in most games, and by them your team and strategy for the game is mostly set. So you can’t get a Ghost type for fun or experimentation. You could level one up through grinding, but unless the Elite Four warrants it, it’s not worth it. Ghosts are weak to Dark, which is a very common type and move set. Most Pokemon have at least one Dark type more. And Ghosts are only strong against one type, Psychic, so no versatility there. Plus, new Ghost types are usually added slowly between games, making them one of the smallest pool of pokemon in the game.

Why I Love Them: Ghost are so cool looking. I really, really, really want to use them more. I’ve always had a soft spot for Ghost pokemon, I can just never find a reason to use them. Ghost are immune to Normal type moves, making them one of the few pokemon totally immune to a type. They’ve also been made immune to FIghting types, making them a strong alternative to Psychic types, as Ghost can learn almost any Psychic move via TM.  Pokemon Black/White also added more half-ghost pokemon, making the whole type better well rounded. Shadow Ball, the best ghost type move, is usually findable in TM move, and most pokemon can use it. I only wish Ghosts where stronger against more types.

Ghost Pokemon I’ve Used So Far: Haunter



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