My Feelings on “Bug Pokemon”

First Reaction: Cool!


Why I Hate Them: God, they are so WEAK. Imagine when your a kid, playing your first Pokemon game. You capture a Bug pokemon because you don’t know any better, and it evolves at like level 9. Your are hyped as f@#k because its your first Pokemon evolution and decide to keep it forever. But the more you play, the more your Bug type faints. Then you get to the Elite Four, one pokemon from losing, and that’s when you realize that Bug types are useless at high level play. Because Bugs have the weakest overall stats of any type. Seven types, let me say that again, SEVEN types are resistant to Bug attacks. Why even bother.

Why I Love Them: Strong against Psychic? And Dark!? What!? When!? Seriously, I had no clue. Aside from that, did you know that bug collecting was the original inspiration for Pokemon? That’s right, Bugs are literally the reason why the game exists. Bugs are really cool because they all evolve early, so they’re great for the early stages of the game. They can also learn a surprising range of moves, like Flying and Psychic moves. They also have some of the coolest designs. I just wish I had more reasons to use them.

Bug Pokemon I’ve Used So Far: Butterfree, Ariados

butterfree_by_saito_800-d4tunn1 ariados_gave_you_a_hug__by_may_ya-d5oyvly


One thought on “My Feelings on “Bug Pokemon”

  1. I used a Vivillon in my first playthrough of Pokemon Y, and I was surprised that it was actually one of the strongest members of my team. I’ve used Bug-type Pokemon before and was never that impressed, but Vivillon changed my mind.

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