My Feelings on “Dark Pokemon”

First Reaction: Bleh.


Why I Hate Them: I feel that I should think Dark Pokemon are cool…but I don’t. Dark types were added to Pokemon to balance the game against Psychics, and on that note, it succeeded. But I’ve never really considered them very strong, or very useful. In fact, their kinda one of my least favorite types. And now that Fairy types have been introduced, they can be a serious liability. I can’t even be mad at them. I can only be, “bleh.”

Why I Love Them: Dark types may not do much for me, but Dark type moves are super useful. Every team needs at least Bite or Crunch. If a Pokemon I capture can learn Crunch, it gets a spot on my team. Because all you really need is one Dark move. I mean, unless you’re facing a pure Psychic team, but don’t really need a Dark type all that much. They are one of the few types that are totally immune to another type (Psychic). Again, I know I’m suppose to say why I love them so much, but all I can really muster is a “bleh.”

Dark Pokemon I’ve Used So Far: Greninja, Bisharp, Mightyena

greninja bisharp_by_hukuzo-d48zcb9 tumblr_msxrf16GhK1reklseo1_1280


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