My Feelings on “Rock Pokemon”

Initial Reaction: I’d rather have Steel


Why I Hate Them: Rock types are what I like to call “Training-Wheel Pokemon,” They’re great in the beginning of the game, when all you face are Normal, Bug, and Flying types. But as the world opens, the less useful they become. Sure they have high defense, but they are weak to a surprising amount of type: Water, Grass, Fighting, Steel, and Ground. And surprise, surprise, these happen to be some of the most common types around. Plus, with Steel type available, even their high defense becomes redundant. And their designs are usually just a bunch of rocks mushed together.

Why I Love Them: Again, at the start of the game, Rock pokemon are the best. They’re a super tank for early grinding. Sure, they happen to be weak against a lot of types, but their also strong against a lot. Fire, Bug, Ice, and the ultra common Flying type are all weak against Rock type. And now a days, most Rock types also have the Sturdy ability, which helps defend them against one hit OK from their several weaknesses. Plus, all Fossil pokemon are half-Rock, they have some of the cooler designs.

Rock Pokemon I’ve Used So Far: Aggron, Sudowoodo

ssw___aggron_by_ragaru-d4fhexm sudowoodo


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