My Feelings of “Steel Pokemon”

Initial Reaction: Possibly Broken


Why I Hate Them: Everyone loves a Steel type. Wait, let me takes that back, everyone love a Steel subtype. Steel types are the originator of salty matches in the Pokemon world. They are inbalanced, resistant to nearly half of all types, and durable as hell. Honestly, they need another weakness to make them fair. Only a real jackass would use more than one Steel type on a regular basis. It takes the fun out of the game. “No! Play to win cry baby!” I hear some say. But if you just have a team made up of the same type because you’re too afraid of competing against someone else and possibly losing, than what the point?

Why I Love Them: A Steel type will save your life. Well, your digital life. Well, your digital wallet, as there is no death in Pokemon. Highest defense, highest type resistant (10 in total), Steel types are the tanks of the Pokemon world. If you can get at least one Steel sub-type, you are set for life. I wouldn’t recommend pure steel, if only because Steel moves themselves are fairly useless. The real advantage of Steel type is the type itself. That’s why you want a subtype. It may open them up to an extra weakness, but it give your pokemon way more offensive capabilities. If Dragons are the Unstoppable Force in Pokemon, than Steel are the Immovable Object.

Steel Pokemon I’ve Used So Far: Scizor, Aggron, Bisharp

day1__bug__scizor_by_rock_bomber-d6w69e9 ssw___aggron_by_ragaru-d4fhexm bisharp_by_hukuzo-d48zcb9


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