My Feelings on “Ground Pokemon”

First Reaction: OTP


Why I Hate Them: I always confuse them with Rock type. Ever since Gen I, I keep confusing Rock and Ground character traits. Is Rock immune to Electricity? Does Ground have a high defense? It’s a nitpick, but a worthy one. I also think their designs tend to run on the lazy side, because quite a few are just modified mammals. Some don’t even make sense. Why is Marowak a ground pokemon? Or Nidoking? Ground types are also not effective against Flying types, possibly the third most common type in the game.

Why I Love Them: Honestly, Ground type has become one top 5 types in the entire game. Ever since my use of Nidoking and Earthquake in Gen I, I feel in love with Ground type. Earthquake is still one of the strongest moves in the game! The experience imprinted in me a love for Ground types. It generally makes me feel more confident in my team if I have a Ground type. I mean, just look a Groundon, the first Legendary Pokemon that’s not a Flying or Psychic type. Plus, immune to Electric types, which usually turn up in Gym Battle runs. Their also one of the few types effective against the overly defensive Steel type, which I usually forget.

Ground Pokemon I’ve Used So Far: Nidoking, Quagsire, Groudon, Seismitoad, Sandslash, Poloswine, Diggersby, Swampert

nidoking_by_annak1332-d3kwh3t tumblr_mpbqr1BKGP1sogo8so1_500 groudon_by_stitch_xd-d5a7n6w Pokémon.full.897179 sandslash_by_lord_phillock-d38wosm piloswine_by_the_noodles-d59db7e fav_normal_type_by_diggersby_tho-d6ygsdf mega_swampert_by_all0412-d7lfz0z


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