My Feelings on “Ice Pokemon”

Type: Glass Cannons


Why I Hate Them: Rare as f@#k and twice as risky. I looked it up and Ice types are the least populated type in the entire game. Like ghosts, only about 2 or 3 are introduced each Generation. I can see why. Ice are weak against the very popular Fire, Fighting, Rock, and Steel types. Their also strong against four other types, but the only real reason to keep one around was for their advantage over Dragons. That’s right, outside of actually training a Dragon type, Ice pokemon were your go to defense against Dragons. Sadly, because Dragons can learn a plethora of moves, most notably Fire type moves (because DRAGONS BREATH FIRE) Ice pokemon had a tough time fulfilling even this role. And now that Fairies have been introduced, there’s no strategic reason to add one to your team anymore.

Why I Love Them: My love for Ice types goes all the way back to Gen I. Like a lot of my preferences, my initial run in Gen I imprinted in me a love for Ice types. I accidentally found out that Articuno’s Ice Beam was supper effective against Lance’s Dragons, and the rest was history. And since at least one member of the Elite Four or last Gym Battle are Dragon trainers, having an Ice Pokemon is a must. Well, technically you could just find a useful Ice TM, but those are hard to come by. Ice moves are also the only move that can cause the FREEZE status. Plus, I don’t know, something about Ice types make me feel all warm and good will towards men like. Weird.

Ice Pokemon I’ve Used So Far: Articuno, Walrein, Abomasnow, Poloswine

articuno_by_suora91-d35rtmx tumblr_mmz852uRWW1s2i16to1_1280 2 piloswine_by_the_noodles-d59db7e


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