My Feelings on “Fire Pokemon”

First Reaction: I Choose Squirtle


Why I Hate Them: The starter types for douchebags. You want to know what kind of Pokemon player a person is, ask them which starter type they chose. Was it a sensible Water type? A personality rich Grass type? Or a Fire type because “YEAH BRAH, BURN EVERYTHING!” There’s a reason why in the cartoon, Ash usually has the Fire type starter. That’s right, if you pick Fire type, you’re basically Ash Ketchum. You should be ashamed. Ever since Charizard, Fire types have had a reputation for being the “coolest” type, but lets be real. Outside of Charizard, can you name one cool Fire starter? Anyone? Maybe the Chicken thing called….Fire Cock? And weirdly, despite being a starter, their aren’t many Fire types around. At least when compared to Grass and Water types. And their not that intimidating. I’ve never faced a fire type and went “Holy SH#$!”

Why I Love Them: I’ll be real, I didn’t like Fire types for a long while. In the first game, Charizard may have been on the cover, but choosing Charmander made the early parts difficult because the first gyms were Rock and Water. That’s actually why I switched to Squirtle. But as I’ve played more, I’ve come around to Fire types. I’ve used a lot more than I realized. Their mostly glass cannons, with impressive Offense but questionable defense. Their weak to the very common Rock, Water, and Ground types. But used correctly, and they can be your star players. I’ve never actually been disappointed with a Fire pokemon, I even learned to use Charmander in Pokemon Leaf Green. Plus, YEAH BRAH, BURN EVERYTHING!

Fire Pokemon I’ve Used So Far: Ninetails, Typhlosion, Infernape, Charizard, Ho-Oh, Talonflame, Darmanitan

ninetales-randem-pokemon-anime-rp-28032276-650-650_zpsa27ff5f6 tumblr_mwbuc6MheF1s5x0txo1_500 infernape_by_ziggyfin-d55mp17 because_charizard_by_noktowl-d6l07ov ho_oh___sacred_fire_by_arsillyd-d5zug3x Talonflame.full.1521904 CIlZWumUkAA1vkj


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