My Feelings on “Water Pokemon”

First Reaction: I bought Pokemon RED


Why I Hate Them: Is there such a thing as too many Pokemon? Despite having having Charizard and Pikachu as its mascots, the Pokemon franchise has more Water type pokemon than anyone. Because that makes perfect sense. On that note, did anyone buy Pokemon BLUE? I mean, for real? I wanna see the numbers.

Why I Love Them: So it turns out I have a hard time saying anything bad about water types. Maybe because their actually my favorite type. BLASTOISE FO’ LIFE!! I love almost every Water Starter (I have mixed feelings about Piplup), and always have a Water Pokemon on my team. I mean, its not like they’re rare or anything. Water types are almost as common as Normal types, which makes sense, since almost 70% of the planet is covered with Water. Plus, Water types have the only worthwhile HM move, SURF! Water pokemon are only weak against two types, Grass and Electric, and strong against the Rock and the popular Fire and Ground. Plus, they can learn Ice type moves, making them a good alternative against Dragons. Water types are simply a good, solid type.

Water Pokemon I’ve Used: Blastoise, Feraligatr, Quagsire, Pelipper, Walrein, Palkia, Seismitoad, Gyarados, Greninja, Swampert, Kyogre

202076-blastoise original_surf_on_feraligatr_by_ninja_jamal-d4nnjds tumblr_mpbqr1BKGP1sogo8so1_500 pelipper tumblr_mmz852uRWW1s2i16to1_1280 Palkia_by_raichu7 Pokémon.full.897179 poke58_m  greninja mega_swampert_by_all0412-d7lfz0z no__382___kyogre_by_pokemonfromhell-d7lqs5r


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