My Feelings on “Grass Pokemon”

First Reaction: Who Chooses Grass Starters!?


Why I Hate Them: Grass pokemon are so laaaaaaame. Their just a bunch of flowers hitting you. Statistically, Grass pokemon are one of the weakest types in the game. They’re weak to FIRE, ICE, POISON, FLYING, and BUG! And the sucky thing is, THEY. ARE. EVERYWHERE. Seriously, in most pokemon games, their the first type introduced after Bug, Normal, and Flying. They are you’re first introduction into the “funner” types in the game. That is just sad on so many levels.

Why I Love Them: Grass pokemon can be useful here and there. For example, in Gen I, Bulbasaur is actually the most useful starter, since the first gyms are Rock, Grass, Electric, and Grass. And since they’re so plentyful, I feel that most players have used a grass type here and there. Hmmm, I know I’m supposed to be praising Grass pokemon here, but It’s surprisingly hard. They are one of my least favorite types. I mostly only used the starters.

Grass Pokemon I’ve Used So Far: Sceptile, Abomasnow, Serperior, Meganium, Breloom

Sceptile_27 2 serperior_by_cometwing-d4fco03 Meganium_Evoulutionary_Line_by_altered_worldsbreloom_by_hikari912-d5cjwm9


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