My Feelings on “Electric Pokemon”

First Reaction: Guaranteed Spot


Why I Hate Them: What the HELL is with ALL THE ELECTRIC RATS!!?? I get it, ok? You stuck gold with Pikachu and want to do it again. Because you need to get ALL THE MONEY. But it’s not ganna happen. Accept it, and stop torturing the rest of us. Every game, you only introduce a few Electric types, and at least one or two slots are wasted on Electric Rodents. And worst of all, THEY DON”T EVOLVE. Pikachu can evolve. Just stop it.

Why I Love Them: So I captured a Pikachu in Gen I, because of course I would, and I evolved it, because OF COURSE I WOULD. Ever since, I have had an Electric type on every one of my teams. They are my go to pokemon type. Objectively, they are only weak to 1 type, Ground, and strong against Flying and Water. So type wise, their pretty good. But subjectively, I just like them. I don’t know why. Like water types, I just feel better when I have an Electric pokemon on my team. Well, Electric types that can EVOLVE.

Electric Pokemon I’ve Used So Far: Raichu, Amphamos, Manectric, Luxray, Zekrom, Zapdos, Lanturn, Heliolisk

Raichu13 Ampharos.full.1491150 manectric_by_cookiehana-d5tg5cp Luxray+is+the+beast+_3d003ac5ec046affb3410c09525ede73 Zekrom-reshiram-and-zekrom-23671491-894-894 zapdos_2012_by_greyanimebeast-d5aynkl lanturn-underwater-light-fish heliolisk_by_aishishi-d6r2qik


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