My Feelings on “Dragon Pokemon”

First Reaction: HA,HA, FAIRIES MOTHERF@#$$!


Why I Hate Them: Dragon pokemon are overpowered Normal types. There, I said it. Previously weak to Ice, and themselves for some reason, Dragon pokemon where the most broken type in the game. They usually have the highest stats and are always reserved for some member of the Elite Four, or even the Champion. And they take Fo-re-ver to train, much less actually catching one. To make matters worse, most Dragon types can learn a wide variety of moves, making them straight up annoying to battle against. The only thing that made them not completely throw off the balance of the game was the fact that only about 1-2 new Dragons are introduced per Generation. Thankfully, Fairy type had even the odds.

Why I Love Them: Dragons are power. If you have the patience and luck, you can create a very strong member for your pokemon team. The thing is, Dragons take skill to utilize correctly. They can learn almost every move, and work in a lot of situations, but you need to know what you’re doing. If you can train a Dragon, you can afford to brag about it.

Dragon Pokemon I’ve Used So Far: Palkia, Zekrom, Altaria

Palkia_by_raichu7 Zekrom-reshiram-and-zekrom-23671491-894-894mega_altaria_by_kamashei-d7un2gh


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