My Feelings on “Fairy Pokemon”

First Reaction: I, for one, Welcome our new Fairy Overlords


Why I Hate Them: Whenever you introduce a new Pokemon types, a few pokemon are retconned into the new type. So if you want to us, say, a Jigglypuff, you need to relearn how to use it with a Fairy subtype. Technical issues aside, Fairy types ain’t the manliest types. Well, Grandbull, but still. And if you’re a Dragon lover, you’re probably saltiest mofo right now.

Why I Love Them: FINALLY, Dragons have been put in their place. I cannot tell you my joy at learning that Fairies are immune to Dragon type attacks. The game is finally balanced! Even their weaknesses help the game, since they’re weak against Poison types. Poisons, the previously useless type, are now strong against the new super type (Super types: Fairy, Steel, Dragon, Dark). I’m going to use Fairy types on every team if the game permits. Seriously, I have nothing but good feelings towards fairy types!

Fairy Pokemon I’ve Used So Far: Florges, Xerneas, Gardevoir

_fairy_wind__by_elyssawecera-d6wmlur xerneas_by_black_dicefish-d5uso6w I.chzbgr


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