My Feelings on “Poison Types”

First Reaction: Lower-Card at Best


Why I Hate Them: Poison types are the Jobbers of the Pokemon world. Always used by the game’s resident bad guy team, poison types are often the most common type you battle. That mean that you’re going to defeat more poison types than most. Example: Jesse and James in Team Rocket, and their poor Ekans and Koffing. They also send a weird message. Why would the developers try to make kids bond with pollution monsters? What if a kid really loves his/her Trubbish? Does that mean he/she just stops throwing away garbage? Where’s my recycling pokemon!? (Half-poison, half-grass obviously). Poison types are even crimes against nature. Remember the agonizing existing of the clearly mutated Weezing? I bet you do. And before Gen VI, they were almost useless. Poison were only super effective against Grass, 60% of which are already half-poison. So I don’t imagine most people used them.

Why I Love Them: Poison pokemon are you status ailment users. Poison, Paralyze, Sleep, they’re all here! A part of my kinda likes Poison types, but I just haven’t had a real reason to use them. Most of the poison types I’ve used have been sub-types. Some by accident. My Gen I team had a poison type, but for a long time, I thought it was normal types, not poison. Luckily, thanks to the introduction of Fairy types, Poison types are now somewhat worth getting.

Poison Pokemon I’ve Used So Far: Nidoking, Ariados



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