My Feelings on my Mainstream Pokemon Teams

Pokemon Red

202076-blastoise Raichu13 nidoking_by_annak1332-d3kwh3t butterfree_by_saito_800-d4tunn1 articuno_by_suora91-d35rtmx 2ef36bfd3f924ae3f9fdcdbb0b2d5c0c

Blastoise, Raichu, Nidoking, Butterfree, Articuno, Mewtwo

This team was my first Pokemon team. They are the group I think of when I think of Pokemon teams. Most of them where caught on the fly. Blastoise was chosen because I was getting nowhere using Charmander against Brock’s Rock types. Ditto with Butterfree. Raichu was chosen because of course I was getting a Pikachu. Nidoking was an accident that worked out very well, becoming my MVP. And Articuno and Mewtwo where added because they’re both legendaries. I consider them my most powerful team, the O.G. Elites. Good balance, and the right amount of cute/badass.

Pokemon Silver

tumblr_mwbuc6MheF1s5x0txo1_500 tumblr_n1gtcqQG5o1s5x0txo1_1280 Ampharos.full.1491150 tumblr_mpbqr1BKGP1sogo8so1_500 1375975233-2921731279-o _Morning__morning__Togetic_by_endless_whispers

Typhlosion, Noctowl, Arphamos, Quagsire, Lanturn, Togetic

This Pokemon Silver team was assembled after multiple playthroughs of the game. As stated before, I had another team before I lost my link cables (remember those). This locked me out of using some key pokemon, so I decided to only use Johto natives. This is actually the team that inspired me to only use new, region-native, Pokemon in new games. It also inspired me to rotate starter types, just to keep things fresh. And, as eagled-eyed players may notice, the first four pokemon are all found at the start of the game, another habit I would keep. In many ways, this is my most influential Pokemon team.

Pokemon Ruby

Sceptile_27 pelipper ssw___aggron_by_ragaru-d4fhexm manectric_by_cookiehana-d5tg5cp groudon_by_stitch_xd-d5a7n6w tumblr_mmz852uRWW1s2i16to1_1280

Sceptile, Pelipper, Aggron, Magnetric, Groudon, Weirein

Now were playing with power. I consider my Pokemon Ruby team the strongest team I have in terms of sheer strength. Aggron, Groudon, and Weirein could probably sweep an opponent by themselves. But I still consider Pelipper to be my MVP for this team. It’s combo of Water/Flying worked really well for me, and I liked it’s unique look.

Pokemon Pearl

infernape_by_ziggyfin-d55mp17 Staraptor_of_Doom_by_pokemon_master Luxray+is+the+beast+_3d003ac5ec046affb3410c09525ede73 Chibichibi_Lopunny_by_Shineymagic Palkia_by_raichu7 2

Infernape, Staraptor, Luxray, Loppuny, Palkia, Abomasnow

Pokemon Pearl will never be my favorite pokemon game. I consider it the least interesting game in the series. But it’s also the Pokemon game I had to work the hardest in. The new Pokemon where few and far between, so I had to scrape to get the team I got. It’s kinda like Pokemon Silver in that respect. Aside from Infernape, I had no real heavy hitter. So my victories and defeats felt more well earned. Perhaps this is why I consider Lopunny, one of the weakest pokemon I’ve ever used, to be so dang memorable.

Pokemon Black

serperior_by_cometwing-d4fco03 Pokémon.full.897179 CIlZWumUkAA1vkj reuniclus_giftart_by_polywomple-d3hsvxn bisharp_by_hukuzo-d48zcb9 Zekrom-reshiram-and-zekrom-23671491-894-894

Serperior, Seismitoad, Darmanitan, Reuniclous, Bisharp, Zekrom

This is probably my second strongest team. Like Pokemon Ruby, Pokemon White only has new Pokemon for the majority of the game. I love that. More Pokemon games should do that. It forces players to use new pokemon and make new combinations. For me, I used a Psychic and Dark pokemon for the first time! I used no electric-type for most of the game, a new thing for me. I also included the traditional Fire-Water-Grass combo with Serperior, Seismitoad, and Darmanitan (who was my MVP). I’ve tweaked and retweaked my Pokemon White team several times, but I’m very happy with my ultimate decision.

Pokemon X

greninja Talonflame.full.1521904 fav_normal_type_by_diggersby_tho-d6ygsdf _fairy_wind__by_elyssawecera-d6wmlur heliolisk_by_aishishi-d6r2qik xerneas_by_black_dicefish-d5uso6w

Greninja, Talonflame, Diggersby, Florges, Helioslisk, Xerneas

A lot like Pokemon Red, most of this team was assembled randomly. I knew I wanted a Greninja, but that’s about it. Talonflame was a nice surprise early one, since I’ve come around on fire types. Diggersby was an experiment. Florges was captures out of sheer curisosity. And Hilioslisk was caught because I wanted to use an electric type again. But they all meshed together very well. In a pretty rare move, I managed to assemble my final team on my first try.


2 thoughts on “My Feelings on my Mainstream Pokemon Teams

  1. I’m the same way! I always limit myself to gen. exclusives for each game. I’m glad I’m not the only one! I tend to not rotate starter types though. I almost always choose the water or grass starter, with the exception of Black/White’s Tepig. Love Tepig!

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