Theory on the James Bond Theory

So the “James Bond Theory” states that the name “James Bond” is actually a code name shared by a variety of British secret agents. It’s used to explain continuity between the James Bond films, as they span several decades. But here’s my own twist on the theory.

Sean Connery Bond [The Real One]


The Sean Connery Bond is the original Bond. Nothing about the theory would change any of his history or exploits. My own theory would simply make him the reason why the name “James Bond” is used by the British secret service. Having been such a successful agent during the Cold War, his government decided that his name had too much influence to give up. Of course, for this to be true, he would have had to either die or retire at some point. Retirement would explain his momentary absence between You Only Live Twice and Diamonds are Forever. Death also be very poetic in Diamonds are Forever, as that film marked the end of the Blowfled/Spectre saga.

George Lazenby Bond [The One Who Was Fired]


The Lazenby Bond only showed up in one movie, On Her Majesty’s Secret Service. In the film, Lazenby gets married, but his wife dies at the end. The next movie, Diamonds Are Forever, ignores everything that happens in this movie. But that makes sense if you follow the Bond Theory. Distraught over the death of his wife, the Lazenby Bond is found unfit for service, so MI6 bring in the original Bond out of retirement. Connery Bond would have no real reason to mourn another agent’s wife, so he wouldn’t bring it up.

Roger Moore Bond [The One With The Happy Ending]


After the Connery Bond died at some point after Diamonds Are Forever, and the Lazenby Bond was found unfit, MI6 hired the Roger Moore Bond. Moore conservative than Connery, but more flexible than Lazenby, Moore’s Bond excelled in the position. Moore’s Bond didn’t have to contend with an organized like Spectre, so his tenure lasted longer than any other Bond. The only wretch in Moore’s run that would mess up the Theory is a point a movie where Moore visits the grave of Lazenby Bond’s wife. This suggests that it’s the same person, unless you consider that MI6 most likely used this moment to trap Blowfeld, who wouldn’t pass up the opportunity to mess with Bond.

Timothy Dalton Bond [The Last Cold War Bond]


The Roger Moore Bond most likely retired quietly, allowing a new agent to become “James Bond.” Datlon’s Bond mostly dealt with Drug traffickers, going rouge at one point to avenge the death of the friend. Dalton’s Bond most likely went as soon as the came. Since the Cold War ended soon after his tenure began, the title of “James Bond” was either retired, or minimized. As for Dalton Bond’s fate…I’d say he either got Married, or dealt with smaller missions through the early nineties. I know that in License to Kill, they mention that this Bond was married once, but Bond’s marriage could have become public knowledge at this point and was thus added to the “James Bond” cover, or else Dalton Bond could have also been married before. Lots of people get married.

Pierce Brosnan Bond [The One Who Quit]


The Brosnan Bond often gets a lot of flak from long time Bond fans. But I stand by his films (except for the last one). We should also keep in mind that he’s the deadliest James Bond, having more kills under his belt thanks to the ultra-violent 90’s. In the James Bond Theory, I imagine that this Bond eventually quit. This Bond had a more tense relationship with M, and in his last film, he was tortured for about 4 months by North Korea. I’d like to imagine that due to the relationship she had with the Brosnan Bond, M took a more hands one approach when dealing with his replacement.

Daniel Craig Bond


The biggest obstacle to the entire James Bond Theory is the Craig Bond run, specifically Skyfall. In the film, Craig Bond visit the Bond family manor, implying that he is the original Bond. The Craig Run is suppose to be a reboot of the character, despite using the same M. For this Theory to work, I believe that the Craig Bond would have to be an actual Bond, but not the original. He would have to be the natural son of James Bond. Which could actually work if you consider a few things. First, this Bond is very angry, which could be explained by having an absentee father. Second, this Bond is Blond with Blue Eyes, very different from a Bond, unless his mother was one of the many women Bond bedded over the years. Three, given Bond’s womenizing, an son would not be surprising. Fourth, and finally, in the Craig movies, M and Bond have a very familial relationship, which could be explain by M having kept on eye on Bond Jr. all his life to see if he was worthy of become “James Bond.” As for his father? Well, since the Bond family mansion was mentioned, it would have to be the real James Bond, Sean Connery.


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