Final Fantasy Games I Want To See

FF10: The Prequel


I really, really, really want to see what Jecht’s journey was like. In the original game, you can find 4-5 little videos of Jecht, Auron, and Braska’s adventure from 10 years ago. I’ve love a game where you get to see Jecht go from an cocky douchebag to a hero, Auron from a Yevon acolyte to jaded bad-ass, and Braska from…well, we actually don’t know that much about Braska either. I think he’d be a lot like the monk from Journey to the West. Make it happen Square!

Origin of the Summons


Final Fantasy has a great and consistent set of summons. Monsters that can be called upon in battle for a massive attack. Infrit, Shiva, Bahamut, etc. But what I want to see is a game that gives each of these characters an origin. What if each summon you used is derived from some long lost battle party? What if Infrit was just some dude who game his soul to other heroes when they needed him. across time and space? What I really want is Skyward Soul, but in Final Fantasy.

Space-Based Final Fantasy


Here’s the thing about Final Fantasy, its very Earth based. Even though every game has great moment where you get an airship, your still stuck under the sky. I’d love a universe spanning FF game. What if Chocobo are space birds? What if summons are just robots? What if you find a weird green egg that’s secretly Jenova!? I’m just saying, you could do a lot with a space RPG.

Final Fantasy: Classic Collections


So Square has gotten in the habit of re-releasing a few of their old games on IOS. At full price. Like jerks. Why am I being asked to pay 15 dollars for FF6 on my phone!? What I would love to see is Square releasing two “Classics Collections,” for about 25-30$ each. Vol 1 would consist of all their 2D games, FF1-FF6. Fans of the  Nintendo era games would eat that up, and younger fans would finally have a way to get a taste off all the games conviniently. Vol 2 would then consist of FF7-FF9, the Playstation years. FF10 just got a HD release, so that’s out, and it would be weird to release FF12 and FF13 without it.




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