Top 4 Changes I Want in Pokemon Sun/Moon

4. More Character Customization


Pokemon X and Y were great for introducing character customization. For the first time, players could create versions of themselves in the game. But, and this is a big but, the character customization was limited. It was an honest first try, but my hope is that the upcoming game has more options.

3. Focus on New Pokemon


My favorite Pokemon games have always been the ones that focus on new Pokemon. The series usually flip flops between whole new rosters and mixed rosters. I’m not really sure what the new game is going to be like. Since 2016 is the 20th Anniversary for the series, the developers may want to celebrate the past and the present, or they may want to introduce a new future.

2. More than 1 Save Slot


I mean seriously. What’s the deal with Pokemon and 1 save slot? It was understandable in the old days, whith hardware limitations. But its 2016. I’m tired of having to restart my games just to try out new starters.

1. Fix The Damn HM Issue


HM. Hidden Machines. The bane of everyone’s existence. I know why HM’s are in the games. They add an exploration element and force players to try out different types of Pokemon. That I don’t mind. What I truly mind is having to use a move slot for an HM. Just make them extra moves outside of battle. Easy as that.


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